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What to do if You Have a Broken Tooth

What to do if You Have a Broken Tooth Dr. Dirk A Newman Newman Dental. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative Dentistry Dentist in Tucson, AZ 85712

Although teeth are one of the most complex components of our bodies, we rarely worry about breaking or cracking. However, anyone who has had a tooth broken or cracked knows how painful it can be. Breaking a tooth may seem like a significant concern because of what it can do to your smile’s appearance. On… Read more »

Dental Implants VS Dentures

Trusting Dental Implants To Restore Your Smile And Bite Newman Dental dentist in Tucson AZ Dr. Dirk Newman

Your missing teeth can ruin your smile, not to mention that they are not healthy for your mouth. Teeth loss is pretty common in today’s world, affecting both the young and the elderly population. Statistics show that almost 70% of adults aged between 35 and 44 years miss at least one tooth – and 25%… Read more »

How A Dental Bridge Supports Your Bite Function

Biting and chewing should feel natural. Being able to move your jaw comfortably, and evenly applying pressure when you bite down, helps you evenly distribute friction while also limiting stress on your joints and muscles. For people who have lost even one tooth, biting and chewing can start to feel awkward. If the problem is… Read more »

Dental Implants Are a Great Smile Solution

Do you feel extremely frustrated by the way your smile looks, or even functions, now that you have lost a tooth, or several? Perhaps you needed to have a tooth extracted, recently, and have been wondering how to cope ever since? Adult tooth loss can be a troubling thing. Fortunately, it does not have to… Read more »

Ready to Complete Your Smile More Securely?

Did you lose a tooth or even several teeth recently? If so, you may have been struggling ever since. Adult tooth loss can create a sense of insecurity, as well as frustration, particularly while eating. Eventually, tooth loss can also lead to alignment problems for remaining teeth, and even changes to the jaw’s structure. Fortunately,… Read more »

Think You’re Too Young to Struggle with Tooth Loss? Think Again

Adult tooth loss may seem like the kind of problem only ever faced by senior adults. But anyone can suffer from tooth loss, regardless of age. The most common cause of tooth loss is actually gum disease, a chronic condition that impacts millions of Americans. Failing restorations, deep decay, infection and trauma can also lead… Read more »

I Need to Complete My Smile! How Do I Start?

Did you suffer from tooth loss in 2016? Were you forced to have a tooth extracted after a painful infection developed? Incomplete smiles can make it difficult to chew comfortably, or even smile confidently. Fortunately, modern dental prosthetics make it possible to address tooth loss with great-looking and natural-feeling results. If you are ready to… Read more »

Do You Need A Dental Prosthesis?

A dental prosthetic is a custom-created device that replaces your missing teeth. There are different types of dental prostheses.  Although if you have one missing tooth or two missing teeth, especially if they are in the back of your mouth and not next to one another, it may seem easy to avoid replacing them, if… Read more »

Is It Time for a Dental Implant?

Have you grown tired of a shifting denture ruining your meals and even embarrassing you when speaking with friends? Is your once well-fitting prostheses now uncomfortable because of drastic changes to your smile since you first sought restorative treatment? If so, have you considered upgrading to a dental implant? Dental implants provide benefits unlike other… Read more »

Do You Need a Dental Prostheses to Complete Your Smile?

Most people remember the joy they felt the first time they lost a tooth? Whether it was because they knew the Tooth Fairy would visit soon, or simply because they were excited to reach such an iconic rite of passage, it was thrilling for them to look in the mirror and see a noticeable gap… Read more »