Month: December 2015

Protect Your Smile By Overcoming Your Dental Fear

Have you avoided the dentist for so long, you can’t remember your last visit? Or worse, you have terrible memories of it? Many people struggle with dental anxiety, which can lead to a lack of proper preventive care, that often results in dental problems like cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. For years, though,… Read more »

Smile Brightly All Season with Smart Habits

Between Christmas selfies with your family, toasts on New Year’s Eve, and all the general merriment this time of year, you will certainly have lots of opportunities to showcase your smile. Make sure you keep it looking its best through a mix of smart dietary choices and good dental hygiene. It is all-too-easy to over… Read more »

Feel Better and Sleep Better with TMJ Therapy

Have you been waking up with a headache? Do you feel tired or exhausted, even after your second cup of coffee? Is this making you irritable and restless? There are a number of warning signs that you could be suffering from TMJ, including frequent headaches and tiredness. Fortunately, there is hope. Your dentist could help… Read more »

Keep Smiling This Holiday Season with Great Preventive Care

Between trips to grandma’s and an unreasonable amount of time at the mall, the holiday season is one that can frequently derail even the most ardent of hygiene routines. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly shouldn’t, if you care about your oral health. So don’t let busy schedules filled with… Read more »

Enjoy a Healthier, Prettier Smile Through A Tooth Filling

The holidays are filled with a lot of wonder, as well as a great many sweet treats. But if all those decadent desserts have wreaked havoc on your smile, you may find yourself frowning, thanks to a cavity. While it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, in fact most people will experience a cavity at least… Read more »