Planmeca is a company that specializes in making new technology to increase the quality of procedures. They have created exquisite work that has made taking x-rays, dental molds, and now the creations of dental crowns, easier for the dentist and the patient. The Planmeca PlanMill is a new device made for dentists to specifically use in the restorative process of creating and setting a dental crown.


This device is designed with SMART technology that is used to enhance restorative performance. With all of the functions that it possesses, it has limited the use of a dental technician who generally makes restorative dental parts. This machine is precise in cutting and can create a very high-quality restoration very quickly.


Generally in the past restorations would need to be sent to a lab to be created taking a week or more, but with the PlanMill, you can receive the restoration in a single visit. Restoration can be made in 10-20 minutes determining the size of the crown
A very precise and detailed cutter that can create a dental crown that is near a perfect match to your original tooth in size and color. PlanMill has increased the speed, accuracy, and quality of dental restorations.

If you require a crown and have been waiting to receive one, your time is now! Receiving a dental crown that is completely tailored to you has never been easier and quicker. With the new PlanMill dental crown maker, our staff here at Newman Dental will have you walking away with a brand new, high-quality tooth in one visit. If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area, and would like to take advantage of this new technology or even learn more about what our office has to offer, please give us a call! Our pride is in helping you reach your dental goals and increase the confidence in your smile! We look forward to hearing from you!