Is It Time for a Dental Implant?

Time for a Dental Implant?Have you grown tired of a shifting denture ruining your meals and even embarrassing you when speaking with friends? Is your once well-fitting prostheses now uncomfortable because of drastic changes to your smile since you first sought restorative treatment? If so, have you considered upgrading to a dental implant? Dental implants provide benefits unlike other forms of prostheses, which help to make them more stable and permanent forms of smile completion. So, if you are ready to enjoy your smile once again, it is important to explore the restorative options, like dental implants, that can help to complete, and even beautify your smile.

Complete Your Smile with a Steady Prostheses, Like a Dental Implant

Dental implants are considered the most stable and permanent form of prostheses, primarily because they are the only form of restoration that relies on a biocompatible post to help replace a missing tooth root. In doing so, this base of an implant serves to both stabilize a replacement tooth, and nourish the jaw, through the act of chewing, the same way a health tooth root does. By helping to support the jaw, a dental implant can also best prevent changes to the facial structure that can occur after tooth loss, because a healthy tooth root is no longer there.

Enjoy Long-lasting Benefits of a Complete Smile

Another benefit of implants is that this surgically created base is also designed to last a lifetime. This is what makes dental implants the most long-lasting smile restoration available.

To find out if an implant is the right option for you, it is wise to schedule a consultation with your dentist who can then determine if your smile is healthy enough to support an implant.