Month: July 2017

Wondering What TMJ Is and If You Could Have It?

Most people have heard about TMJ disorder, commonly simply referred to as TMJ, yet many may not know what it actually is, or even if they have it. TMJ is actually the term for the Temporomandibular Joint, itself. This is the hinge joint that helps to connect the jawbone to the skull. It is meant… Read more »

Want to Feel Confident Again? Try Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you ever find yourself out to dinner with friends envying their beautiful and bright smiles? A common symptom of aging is stained teeth, but the smile can suffer many other symptoms of aging over the years, as well. For instance, teeth can become jagged at the edges, from years of general wear, or even… Read more »

Don’t Miss the Chance to Schedule Preventive Care!

Summer may be known as a time for visiting family, spending more time outdoors with friends, and frequenting local attractions, like the library, the park and the pool. But summer can also be a great time to visit the family dentist. After all, children are like adults, in that they need regular professional dental cleanings… Read more »

Will a Cavity Require Root Canal Therapy?

Are you concerned that you might have developed a dental cavity? If so, you might be concerned about what kind of restorative treatment will be required to restore your comfort, and to save your tooth, if that’s even possible. The great news is that most cavities can actually be addressed with minimally invasive dental fillings…. Read more »