Month: June 2017

Importance Of Replacing A Tooth

Your dentist’s main objective is to protect your teeth. In doing so, a tooth extraction will be left as a last resort after all other options have been ruled out. There are times when the extraction (removal) of a tooth is absolutely necessary. When a wisdom tooth is extracted, there is no need to replace… Read more »

A Crown In Just One Visit

There are several scenarios in which you may require a dental crown, such as an injury, damage, extensive decay, a root canal treatment, etc. A crown protects an exposed and vulnerable tooth from further damage. Without special technology, a mold for a crown would need to be outsourced to an offsite lab. In the meantime,… Read more »

Ready to Complete Your Smile More Securely?

Did you lose a tooth or even several teeth recently? If so, you may have been struggling ever since. Adult tooth loss can create a sense of insecurity, as well as frustration, particularly while eating. Eventually, tooth loss can also lead to alignment problems for remaining teeth, and even changes to the jaw’s structure. Fortunately,… Read more »

Are Porcelain Veneers the Solution for Which You’ve Been Looking?

When was the last time you truly felt great showing off your smile? Were bell bottom jeans still in style, for the first time? Did phone numbers only have seven digits? If so, you might feel like it’s too late to ever really enjoy your smile, again. There is no way to rewind the clock,… Read more »