When You Snore Too Much

Snoring can be caused by numerous different factors. In minor cases, it can simply be poor positioning while you sleep. Or, it can be caused by overrelaxed oral tissues due to excessive tiredness, or the consumption of alcohol before sleeping. However, when you snore chronically, there’s likely an underlying cause behind it, such as a discrepancy in the size or shape of certain oral tissues. This can make them more likely to partially obstruct your airway when you sleep, causing you to snore every night. For some patients, the obstruction is more thorough than for others, and it can completely stop them from breathing while they sleep.

When You Have Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is the condition that results from complete airway obstruction as you sleep. Sleep apnea is marked by snoring that grows louder as your airway becomes more obstructed, then stops as your breathing completely ceases. Your body will be forced to wake up to clear the obstruction, interrupting its descent into deep, R.E.M. sleep. Sleep apnea can make it impossible to sleep restfully, which can lead to symptoms of sleep deprivation, risks to your cardiovascular health, and more. If you qualify, we may be able to help you treat sleep apnea and avoid these symptoms with a custom appliance designed to comfortably keep your airway open and clear while you sleep.

Find Out if a Sleep Apnea Appliance Can Help You Sleep Better in Tucson, AZ

The biggest problems with snoring and sleep apnea are that you may not realize you have a problem at first. To learn more about how a custom-designed appliance can help you sleep better, schedule a consultation for sleep apnea by calling Dr. Newman’s dental office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439.

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