Month: December 2019

I Broke a Tooth! Now What?

  Breaking a tooth can be a scary situation. Luckily, with the help of your Tucson, AZ, dentist, the solution doesn’t have to be! In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits and innovations of same-day crowns, which can help you get back to smiling without missing a beat. We’ll also look at the importance… Read more »

Enjoy The Smile Improvements Invisalign Can Provide

Invisalign appliances have given people the ability to discreetly fix problems that affect their dental alignment. If you currently feel self-conscious about teeth that are too far apart, teeth that overlap, or if you have any other concerns that can be traced back to the alignment of your smile, you can rely on these appliances… Read more »

A New Smile With Custom Veneers

If you have a number of issues with your smile’s appearance, you may feel hesitant to see the dentist. After all, won’t that mean the need for several treatments and procedures? Well, your Tucson, AZ, dentist actually offers a smile makeover with a single treatment option: Porcelain veneers. In today’s blog, we’re going to look… Read more »

Gum Contouring With Laser Technology

We’ve been discussing our cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening and our single-visit bonding and contouring treatment options. However, we can also address esthetic issues with the appearance of your gum tissue. Find out when you should see your Tucson, AZ, dentist for gum contouring using dental laser technology.

Let’s Reshape Your Tooth In One Visit

For most teeth stains, we have two professional options to remove them either from our office or the comfort of your own home. But what if you have permanent teeth stains, or what if you have issues with the shape of your tooth? In today’s blog, your Tucson, AZ, dentist looks at how we can… Read more »