What is preventative dentistry?

You probably are already participating in preventative dentistry without really knowing! Preventative dentistry is an accumulation of treatments and habits to help your teeth fight off decay and cavities. There are two main ways to be practicing preventative dentistry, at home and in our dental office. 

  • At-Home: Each person should brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening. The reason we do this is to remove any plaque or food that has become stuck on or in between our teeth during the day. Removing these particles will help prevent cavities from developing or progressing.

Not only does doing these two simple things keep bacteria away from our teeth, but it is also essential in keeping our smiles white. Due to some foods and beverages that we consume, our teeth can become stained if adequately cleaned each day. 

  • In-Office: Dr. Newman and our amazing team aren’t only here to help you restore your smile after injury and decay occur. We are also here to help you prevent it. We are passionate about each one of our patients having a healthy and beautiful smile, so we spend time educating and answering questions about preventative dentistry. We offer numerous treatments that will limit the risk of your teeth becoming damaged. 


In-Office Preventative Treatments

Below is a list of our preventative services that we encourage all patients of all ages to take advantage of. 

  • Routine Cleanings: The American Dental Association recommends and encourages each person to have their teeth cleaned by a dental professional twice a year. Regular cleanings involve the removal of hardened plaque called tartar, removing plaque and food, tooth polishing, and thorough flossing. Each cleaning is centered around promoting healthy teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • Dental Exam: At the end of each cleaning, Dr. Newman will come and examine your teeth for any areas of concern or decay. Dental professionals such as Dr. Newman are the only people who can diagnose and treat any type of dental issue. Dental exams are essential in having optimal oral health because they allow you to treat problems early on, which prevents them from spreading.
  • Dental Sealants: For some people, especially children, it can be hard to properly clean their back molars. These teeth are used for chewing and, therefore, commonly where decay develops the most. We can seal off the deep pits where food and plaque naturally get stuck by using thin dental plastic. Each sealant feels completely natural and can last for ten years.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is a natural mineral that has been proven to strengthen the outer surface of the teeth. The stronger the enamel, the harder it is for decay to infect the tooth. We offer a quick fluoride treatment at the end of each routine cleaning.


Maintain a Healthy Smile

Having a healthy smile is easier than it may seem with preventative dental services and practices. Maintaining a healthy smile will limit the risk of developing severe dental issues that take time to repair. We want to help all of our patients do what they can to keep their natural teeth as long as possible. 

Have questions on how to better protect your teeth through preventative dental care? Need to schedule your routine dental appointment? Please give our office a call! Our team is dedicated to you and your smile.

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