Month: March 2017

Facts About Jaw Pain and TMJ Disorder

The joints that your jaw moves upon are technically known as temporomandibular joints, or TMJs. They’re also the reason why you may feel a popping sensation or difficulty with movement when opening and closing your jaw. If you experience chronic discomfort or pain in your jaw—a condition known as TMJ disorder—then finding relief will rely on… Read more »

Want to Smile More Proudly? Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you want the kind of dazzling smile you have long envied of movie stars and pop princesses? Or, do you actually just wish you could rewind time and once again enjoy the beautiful and bright smile of your youth? Either way, why not stop wishing for a different smile and finally do something about… Read more »

Which Is Really Better for Your Teeth?

Ever wondered if floss is really all that necessary, or whether you should spring for a pricey electric toothbrush? In fact, do you have quite a few dental-related questions, but feel too embarrassed to talk to your preventive dentist about them? Many people let confusion about proper preventive care, keep them from giving their smiles… Read more »

Does Your Child Need Dental Treatment?

  As a parent, there are likely already a host of activities on your metaphorical plate. From meal planning and soccer practices, to doctor visits and occasionally even sleep, you might feel like you can’t possibly add even one more event to your calendar. Yet, if your child hasn’t seen the dentist recently there are… Read more »

I Need to Complete My Smile! How Do I Start?

Did you suffer from tooth loss in 2016? Were you forced to have a tooth extracted after a painful infection developed? Incomplete smiles can make it difficult to chew comfortably, or even smile confidently. Fortunately, modern dental prosthetics make it possible to address tooth loss with great-looking and natural-feeling results. If you are ready to… Read more »