Do You Need a Dental Prostheses to Complete Your Smile?

Tooth Replacement Ideas from Your Restorative DentistMost people remember the joy they felt the first time they lost a tooth? Whether it was because they knew the Tooth Fairy would visit soon, or simply because they were excited to reach such an iconic rite of passage, it was thrilling for them to look in the mirror and see a noticeable gap between their teeth. Unfortunately, when adults lose teeth the emotions are just as strong, but rarely as positive. In fact, most adults feel a mix of frustration, embarrassment, and even anger, upon tooth loss. That is because having an incomplete smile as an adult can make it difficult to chew comfortably, and even more difficult to smile confidently. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry makes it possible to rebound from adult tooth loss in a way that restores confidence and function of the smile. So if you have lost a tooth, or have an extraction scheduled, take comfort in knowing that a dental prostheses can help you smile again!

Which Option Is Right for You?

Most restorative dentists now offer a variety of dental prostheses, designed to fit every smile, budget and lifestyle. For patients looking for a fast and affordable solution, the dentist may recommend either a partial or full denture, which can be used to complete a smile quickly and comfortably.

However, unsupported dentures can shift while chewing. For more stability, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. Dental bridges utilize dental crowns to anchor replacement teeth in place, creating a more secure form of smile completion.

One of the most popular forms of smile completion are dental implants. That is because implants help to replace both a patient’s missing tooth, and the corresponding root. This creates the most stable prostheses currently available, but it also helps supply the jaw with ongoing nutrients.

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