man wearing denturesIndications that you need dentures 

The signs that you require dentures are easily spotted. It’d be best to visit your dentist immediately if you begin to experience any of these.

  • Severe toothaches

The most primary sign you should look out for is a persistent severe toothache. It could be an indication of decay that has advanced to your nerves, causing discomfort. Although a root canal might be an alternative to save the tooth, at times, the decay may have extended beyond repair, which leaves you with either dentures or dental implants.

  • Loose or moving teeth

A noticeable loose or moving tooth is one of the signs that you may require dentures soon. A loose tooth can be a result of periodontal disease. Since you can’t see beneath your teeth, it can be complicated to notice any damage until it’s advanced. Likewise, if you notice growing gaps between your teeth, you may have to consult your dentist.

  • Trouble chewing or digesting food

Although this may be subtler, finding difficulty in chewing or digesting chewy food may be a sign for you to consider getting a denture. This, likewise chronic indigestion, is a sign of extensive teeth damage. Because you can’t properly chew food, you’re forced to take large bites, leading to stomach-ache.

  • Already lost teeth

You need a denture if you’ve already lost a tooth or more than a few—you risk losing a lot more when you delay getting dentures. Without the support of your entire teeth, the remaining teeth move quicker and become more vulnerable. If this sounds familiar to your situation, then it’s essential to have a dental examination.

Denture Benefits 

 Since we’ve covered all the reasons or signs you may require denture, let’s zero in on the positives. Dentures can be beneficial for patients in several ways. It offers a fast way to boost your confidence to smile and deliver a better speech. It additionally gives a better shape to your face. Patients who have lost a tooth or a few often appear older. However, dentures help you maintain a healthy face shape as you look happier and more youthful than you may have looked without dentures.

Process for getting dentures 

The process begins with a pre-denture visit to ensure that your gums and delicate tissue are healthy and prepared for the new teeth. This may include undergoing an x-ray to ensure there are no unexpected difficulties with fundamental bones.

The second stage will involve determining the new teeth’ length to get the right fit for the patient. This will help you get the proper alignment between the lower and upper teeth.

It’s during this stage that you’ll have the loose tray replaced with the new plastic teeth. The last set will look and feel precisely like a denture, except that the base fits freely on the gums and the actual teeth are in wax rather than the final plastic.

While the thought of getting a denture may be frightening, it’s comforting to know there are several treatment alternatives. If you live in Tucson, Arizona, and surrounding areas, you may contact or visit us for more information.