Dental Implants Are a Great Smile Solution

Dental Implants Are a Great Smile SolutionDo you feel extremely frustrated by the way your smile looks, or even functions, now that you have lost a tooth, or several? Perhaps you needed to have a tooth extracted, recently, and have been wondering how to cope ever since? Adult tooth loss can be a troubling thing. Fortunately, it does not have to signify the end of smiling, as you knew it. Nor does it have to mean the end of enjoying your favorite meals, and snacks, due to an incomplete smile. While there are several prosthetic options available, to help address the loss of teeth, dental implants are one of the most stable and secure options. That means, that if you want to truly rebound from tooth loss, and to enjoy your smile’s beauty and function once again, a dental implant could be a great solution for you!

Don’t Keep Struggling with an Incomplete Smile

An incomplete smile can cause a number of issues, not the least of which is embarrassment at having missing teeth. However, in many ways, the functional problems that tooth loss can create, can be even more damaging.

When teeth are missing, remaining teeth tend to shift to try to fill the gap that has been created. This can lead to potentially severe alignment issues, that can cause discomfort while chewing, and contribute to jaw-related pain. It can even create subconscious teeth grinding, which can be damaging to remaining teeth.

A dental implant can help to prevent this, however, by filling the gap that was created.

Enjoy Renewed Confident with a Long-lasting Prostheses

Another benefit of a dental implant, though, is that it relies on a mimic tooth root to help hold the chosen replacement tooth securely in place. In doing so, it closely emulates the way a healthy tooth looks, feels and functions.

Since the mimic root is designed to last a lifetime, a dental implant represents one of the most long-lasting solutions for restoring one’s smile.

In Need of Prosthetic Dentistry?

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