What are the benefits of family dentistry?


Having a regular family dentist gives you and your family the convenience of a regular dentist to help you maintain a healthy smile. You can simply arrange an appointment for the whole family rather than having to take your children and teenagers to a different dentist than yourself.

Eliminate dental anxiety

Dental phobias and anxiety are a very real thing, even for some adults. This can lead to delay with appointments and treatment, or even avoiding them altogether. Children often develop dental anxiety from a young age, and attending the same dental practice together as a family can help eliminate these issues. One of the biggest benefits of attending a family dentist together is that your children will become more relaxed around a dentist, therefore making it more likely for them to attend when they are older too.

Preventative care

Sometimes, preventative measures are essential. Visiting a family dentist regularly will allow your dentist to check your family’s teeth and alert you to any problems that may arise. This gives you the chance to change routines with brushing, add mouthwash to your routine, or even refrain from giving your children treats with high sugar content as regularly.

Emergency services

Dental emergencies can’t be predicted, and when they do arise it often comes with a lot of pain. A family dentist will be able to see you immediately and take care of your family’s teeth in familiar surroundings. Having a family dentist you can trust means that you can visit them at any time and, regardless of the reason, be guaranteed professional services.

Record keeping

Having a family dentist means they will have your records on hand, meaning if you’ve suffered with gum disease or any other oral discomfort that may be hereditary, your family dentist can take preventative measures with your children. Having your records at hand will also allow your dentist to see any allergies or sensitivities you may have and treat accordingly. A good dentist will notice changes between each visit and offer proactive advice to help you keep yours and your family’s teeth as healthy as they can be.

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