What are all-on-4-fixed-implant-retained-dentures?

Although conventional dentures are often installed for people lacking multiple teeth, they don’t always perform up to expectations. Poor dentures may fail to offer you satisfaction and confidence in your treatment. However, the good news is that advancements in science and dental technology have made it possible for dentists to perfect their treatment options. 

The all-on-4 system is an innovative dental procedure that employs different dental technologies to ensure that replacement dentures are more stable and reliable than conventional methods of fixing dentures such as denture adhesives.

With all-on-4 fixed-implant retained dentures, dentists embed a set of fixed dental implants in your jaws, designed to create a stable and robust platform to hold your replacement dentures in place. That’s to say, all-on-4 dental treatment procedures significantly differ from regular dental implant procedures, which generally involve the replacement of a single tooth.

The part of the implant that’s affixed to the jawbone is the same, except that the exposed portion of the implant takes the place of the denture of a standard implant. Four cap-shaped tips ensure a strong physical connection between your jaws and dentures, which come with four sets of receptacles.

For the most part, all-on-4 dental implants are arranged such that two are near the front of your mouth and two are at the back.


Benefits of all-on-4 dental implants

It’s believed that all-on-4 dental implants are superior to traditional dentures in the following ways.

  • Give good dental results almost immediately

All-on-4 enhances your chewing ability, dental stability and improves your quality of life in general. Experience immediate results from Dr. Newman’s Dental clinic in Tucson.

  • Eat anything you want at anytime

Get improvement in your dietary habits with an all-on-4 fixed-implant retained dentures procedure. Have the freedom to enjoy your favorite food once again anytime, anywhere.

  • Improve your smile

Wearing a permanent set of teeth can empower you to give your broad smiles in public. With a non-removable implant-retained bridge, your all-on-4 artificial teeth can last for your lifetime.

  • Eliminate dental health issues

Missing your teeth can increase your risk of getting dental diseases. But if you install all-on-4 dental implants, they’ll improve your oral and dental hygiene. Decrease your chances of periodontal diseases and restore your mouth to its normal state by visiting Tucson city’s number-one dental clinic, Newman Dental. 

If you have a dental problem, give us a call, and our experienced team of doctors will do their best to provide you with optimal dental care.