What Is Root Canal Treatment?

When placing a tooth filling, the first step is to remove the decay from within the tooth structure. When performing root canal therapy, the same is true; however, doing so is more complex when your tooth decay reaches your tooth’s inner pulp chamber and root canal. Using advanced technology and extensive experience in restorative treatment, we can carefully access your tooth’s pulp and root canal to remove the infection. Then, we can fill the chambers with biocompatible material to reinforce and protect them, and in many cases, place a custom dental crown over the tooth to stop it from suffering more damage.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Because tooth decay always gets worse with time, and because root canal treatment is usually reserved for severe cases, waiting to receive treatment could lead to significantly worse tooth trouble. The root canal that connects to your tooth’s pulp carries your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels into your jawbone. The longer decay remains in the pulp, the greater the risk that it can travel through the root canal and potentially cause severe oral health complications. If your tooth is too far decayed by the time you seek treatment, then tooth extraction and replacement may be necessary to mitigate the threat to your oral health.

Schedule an Appointment to Save Your tooth

Root canal treatment can save your tooth by removing the infection from deep within its internal structures. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Dr. Newman’s dental office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439.

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