Planmeca Emerald

This lightweight intraoral scanner is used in the dental field to quickly deliver high-quality images of your mouth to the dentist. An intraoral scanner is designed to be a small handheld device that is non-invasive for the patient. Dentists use a scanner to take small images of sections in the mouth that all come together to create a full 3D model presented on a screen.

This model is used in so many ways that benefit you and the dentist. The scanner makes diagnosing problems or potential problems in your mouth faster and more accurate. It delivers very vivid, life-like colors that help the dentist see what maintenance needs to be performed.

Benefits of the Intraoral Scanner

  • The dentist uses 3D images to diagnose problems that are occurring or that could occur
  • Images can be seen by the patient so the dentist can explain and educate on procedures or steps that need to be taken
  • Instead of using the sticky material and impression trays to take impressions, the 3D model is used to create molds of teeth
  • Images are easily transferable
  • The scanner is a very small and non-invasive device
  • Images are created in less than a minute and are very life-like when presented

Full-arch scanning allows for restorative procedures to be done with ease The Planmeca Emerald Intraoral Scanner is a great new piece of technology that is helping the dental world. When coming into Newman Dental our main goal is to make sure you are educated about how to better take care of your smile. The Planmeca Emerald Intraoral Scanner helps us to achieve that goal! If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area and would like to learn more about our advanced technology, please give us a call or come in to see us! We look forward to hearing from you!