Month: December 2016

New Years In Tucson

Are you looking for something to do this New Year’s Eve? Here at Newman Dental we encourage our patients to enjoy their community, get involved, and socialize. Dental health is important but we are about your whole health, and being involved is healthy! Below are some suggestions for things to do this New Years, and… Read more »

Do You Need A Dental Prosthesis?

A dental prosthetic is a custom-created device that replaces your missing teeth. There are different types of dental prostheses.  Although if you have one missing tooth or two missing teeth, especially if they are in the back of your mouth and not next to one another, it may seem easy to avoid replacing them, if… Read more »

Can Pregnancy Affect Your Oral Health?

The answer is yes. Any hormonal changes can have an effect on your oral health, and pregnancy is rife with hormonal changes. A surge in hormones can exaggerate the way your gingival tissue reacts to the bacterial plaque that forms on your teeth and along your gumline. So, if you’re pregnant and are wondering if… Read more »

Do You Know How To Care For Your Toothbrush?

Do you think about the things that you put into your mouth? Sometimes we do, like when something falls on the floor but we really want it. Do we pick it up and put it into our mouths without thinking about it? Not in most cases. In most cases, we go by the 10 second… Read more »

Putting Your Dental Health On Your Holiday List

Let’s face it, during the holidays you can become super busy and super stressed. When it comes time to crash at night you may be tempted to skip brushing and flossing. Our advice to you? Don’t. We realize that you have a long to-do list, along with a gift list, and probably other lists too,… Read more »

Is Your Baby Teething?

Your baby is born with their twenty primary teeth already in place below their gum line just waiting to break through.  When their primary teeth begin to erupt, it is referred to as teething. Your baby may start teething as early as three months of age, and when they begin teething it is usually not… Read more »

Holiday Nights: A Million Lights!

At Newman Dental, we take pride in offering quality dental care to our patients, and we want to remind you to schedule your final visit of 2016 and take advantage of your benefits before they expire! However, we also enjoy taking the time to discuss upcoming events in our community and Holiday Nights A Million… Read more »

Enjoy a Healthy Smile with Simple Preventive Care

Do you want to spend 2017 enjoying great oral health? If so, now is a great time to evaluate whether your smile is currently getting the dental care it needs, or if there are any things you can and should be doing to better protect your oral health. If you do determine that your smile… Read more »

Are Tooth Extraction and Tooth Loss Different?

Does it really matter, when a tooth is missing, how it happened? From a dental point of view there is a difference between a planned extraction and tooth loss. While the result may be the same: an empty spot where a tooth used to be, there is more to each situation. The good news is,… Read more »

Holiday Fun In Tucson

At Newman Dental, we’re proud to offer quality dental care to our patients in Tucson. We live in such a unique and welcoming community. We want to take a little time in our blog to discuss upcoming events. There are so many fun holiday events taking place that you and your family can see. In… Read more »