Month: May 2015

Keep Your Smile Fresh With Preventive Dentistry

A common way that preventive dentistry is performed is by brushing your teeth, along with flossing daily. In addition, professional dental cleanings performed by your dentist will assist in the removal of food particles and bacteria that have gone overlooked. This will prevent the spread of bacteria, which, if allowed to settle along the enamel of… Read more »

Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening

Who would not want a brighter smile? Teeth stains cannot always be prevented with excellent oral hygiene. There are many factors that cause teeth to look dingy or discolored, although most stains can be erased with professional teeth whitening. Many over the counter whitening products promise amazing results, however they can become harmful with over usage… Read more »

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

Over time, there may be a noticeable change in the appearance of your teeth. For example, you may have noticed they are not quite as white as when you were a child. This is because your teeth go through quite a bit throughout a lifetime, from foods and drinks consumed daily, to potential dental complications or… Read more »

Fluoride and General Dentistry

If you drink tap water, then you’re ingesting minimal amounts of fluoride, and it’s found in most major toothpaste and dental hygiene products today. In fact, you can even receive direct fluoride treatments at your dentist’s office if your teeth are at risk for tooth decay. Yet, do you know why fluoride is such a… Read more »

What Everyone Should Know About Cavities

Though you might easily recognize what a tooth cavity is, there’s a good chance that some of what you might think about cavities isn’t entirely true. For instance, many patients believe the condition is caused by too much sugar in their diets, and are therefore confused when they develop cavities despite refraining from it. Since… Read more »