Month: June 2018

Quiz: What Causes a Toothache?

Few things can ruin your day quite like a toothache. The pain can make concentrating on tasks at work or school difficult. In addition, eating and drinking your favorite foods and beverages can become a problem. What causes a toothache, and what steps can we take to avoid them?

Broke a Tooth? Fix It in Just One Day

When a tooth breaks, the immediate discomfort isn’t the only thing your dentist is concerned about. If the damage isn’t repaired as soon as possible, then it can grow worse over time, eventually becoming too damaged to save. With a same-day dental crown, however, your dentist can repair your broken tooth (and alleviate your toothache)… Read more »

What Is Tooth Bonding Used For?

In general, cosmetic dental treatments are designed to address specific types of esthetic smile concerns. For instance, teeth-whitening is a highly targeted, convenient treatment for erasing teeth stains, while dental crowns can help fix various types of visible tooth damage. In some cases, though, the same cosmetic treatment can accomplish several different goals at once…. Read more »

How Much Can Teeth-Whitening Really Accomplish?

Some people put off asking their dentists about teeth-whitening because they aren’t sure whether or not it’s actually effective. Even if their teeth are noticeably stained, they don’t want to invest in a treatment that may not improve their smiles. Fortunately, professional teeth-whitening can accomplish more than you might realize, especially if you’ve never undergone… Read more »