Enjoy The Smile Improvements Invisalign Can Provide

Invisalign appliances have given people the ability to discreetly fix problems that affect their dental alignment. If you currently feel self-conscious about teeth that are too far apart, teeth that overlap, or if you have any other concerns that can be traced back to the alignment of your smile, you can rely on these appliances to improve the way you look without requiring you to wear a conspicuous appliance. Our Tucson, AZ dental office is ready to discuss the benefits of treatment with Invisalign appliances with you, and help you understand what this orthodontic treatment can involve. By arranging this procedure with your dentist, you can work out a plan additional cosmetic dental treatments after your teeth have been straightened.

Invisalign Makes Orthodontic Improvements Easier To Enjoy

If the idea of wearing metal braces has made you reluctant to start orthodontic work, you should know that a modern treatment alternative is available. Invisalign appliances can help you avoid the concerns people often have when they think about having an adjustment. One of the “clearest” advantages to choosing Invisalign is the knowledge that your aligners will be difficult to see. Their clear plastic design makes them discreet enough for you to wear without feeling self-conscious, even in situations where you might be particularly conscious of your appearance. You can also be glad to have appliances that can be removed whenever they might be in your way.

Arranging Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign works thanks to a series of custom-made aligners which will gradually move your teeth into better alignment. From one appliance to the next, you will progress toward the ultimate goal of having your smile’s appearance fully straightened. You can stay on track with your treatment by keeping Invisalign in place throughout the day, limiting the amount of time you spend with them removed. As your teeth become straighter, you can see positive smile changes that you are eager to show off. Your adjustment can also lead to bite improvements, and even a better defense against tooth decay.

Looking To Make Additional Smile Improvements? We Can Help!

Because our dentist’s office is prepared to offer more than just orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, we can help you reach exciting smile improvements. Following an orthodontic treatment with teeth whitening treatment can help you see a remarkable difference in the way you look when you smile. We can also discuss additional work in the form of gum contouring, which can help if bulky or excess periodontal tissues make your smile appear uneven.

Our Tucson, AZ Dentist’s Office Can Offer Treatment With Invisalign!

At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, Dr. Newman is prepared to help patients show off better, straighter smiles through Invisalign treatment! If you have questions about this procedure, or any other cosmetic dental treatment that we offer, contact us today to schedule a visit by calling our office at 520-296-5439.