I Broke a Tooth! Now What?


Breaking a tooth can be a scary situation. Luckily, with the help of your Tucson, AZ, dentist, the solution doesn’t have to be! In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits and innovations of same-day crowns, which can help you get back to smiling without missing a beat. We’ll also look at the importance of acting quickly once a break occurs.

Why a Crown?

If the crack or other issue in your tooth is too severe to be covered with a more conservative treatment, such as porcelain veneers, then you will need a stronger solution. Sometimes the best way to fix or restore a tooth is by capping it with a crown. This protects the area from further damage, mimics the look and feel of your natural tooth, and is personalized for your smile. Not only can crowns protect your teeth, but they can help prevent future issues, cover severe blemishes, and restore your bite, offering an effective solution to multiple oral health problems.

Same-Day Restoration

Previously, receiving a crown was a multi-day process involving several visits and off-site dental technicians, but no more! With advanced technology, our office has the ability to eliminate all of the wait time by creating digital models that are used by on-site machines to create your custom, precise, lifelike porcelain dental restoration. This means that you could have your tooth fixed before anyone even has the chance to notice, and you can bounce back immediately.

What Happens If I Leave It Alone?

Because of the expedited process, same-day restorations are a convenient way to repair your smile. However, although the process is quick, it is still extremely important to go to your dentist as soon as possible after the tooth injury occurs. If left untreated, a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth will allow bacteria to enter the softer part of your tooth. This can often lead to a painful infection and even spread to other parts of your mouth and body. Though unlikely, this infection could cause serious complications. If you have any questions about creating and placing a custom dental restoration, or if you have a damaged tor aching tooth in need of treatment, then please contact our team today.

Ready to Schedule Your Appointment?

At our Tucson, AZ, dentist’s office, Dr. Newman is ready to help you restore your teeth as soon as a break occurs. With the lifelike finish of a same-day crown, you won’t need to waste any time worrying about infection or what others might think of your smile! If you have questions about this procedure, or any other restorative dental treatment that we offer, contact us today to schedule a visit by calling our office at 520-296-5439.



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