Affordable Dentist in Tucson AZ

affordable dentist Newman Dental dentist in Tucson AZAt Newman Dental, we are entirely focused and committed to providing our patients with high-quality dental care at an affordable price. Each person needs and should be receiving dental care. It is a common worry that a high price point comes with adequate dental care. Although this may be true in some places, Dr. Newman is an affordable dentist here in Tucson, AZ, with services for you. 


Affordable Dentist, Quality Care

The best way to keep your dental care even more affordable is by doing what you can to protect your teeth from decay. With severe decay comes seriously needed restorations. We highly promote the importance of preventative dentistry in our office. Preventative Care at both home and in-office work together to keep your teeth clean and at low risk for damage. 

It is common for insurance companies to cover two routine visits to a dentist a year completely. Your teeth will be deep cleaned and examined by Dr. Newman at a regular visit. Even if you have been diagnosed with decay, we will help you treat it early on to prevent it from causing severe damage. 

More severe problems will need to be addressed and restored through extensive treatments. If this is the case for you, we offer membership and payment plans here in our office. 


Newman Dental Membership Plan

We understand that not all Tucson, AZ, area patients have insurance. Because we care about providing affordable prices and helping our patients pay for their dental care according to their budget, we offer the Newman Dental Membership Plan. 

Three different plans are available for patients: the adult plan, the child plan, and the periodontal maintenance plan. The adult and child plans help patients without insurance get routine dental care. Each plan consists of cleanings, oral cancer screenings, regular exams, x-rays, an emergency exam, fluoride treatments, and specialized discounts. For only a small price each month, every member of your family can have access to affordable dental care when needed. 

To learn more about the membership plan, please visit the Newman Dental Membership Plan tab here on our website. For any questions regarding the plan and what they offer, please call us. We are currently taking applications for each plan. 


An Affordable Dentist You Can Trust

Although you may do all that you can to protect your teeth and take Care of them properly, it is always possible for decay and damage to occur. For instances like this, you want to be sure you have a dentist you can trust to take Care of your teeth and you. 

Dr. Newman is dedicated to the people of Tucson, AZ, and wants to see each one of his patients with a beautiful smile that they love. For emergency and unexpected dental issues, we also work with CareCredit and Vardi. Our patients can apply to these low-interest financing options for extra help when paying for their services. 


Get the Care you Deserve

We don’t want the residents of Tucson to refrain from receiving dental care due to their fear of the price. Each person deserves high-quality Care from a dentist and team that they trust. Our affordable prices have allowed many residents to obtain dental care, and they can help you too. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us about our services, their prices, and what type of options we have for you to take advantage of. If you would like to apply for the Newman Dental Membership Plan, we can help you at your next appointment, over the phone, or if you come into our office. 


Give us a call to start taking advantage of our affordable dental care.