How A Restorative Dental Procedure Stops A Toothache

A toothache can grind your day to a halt, interfere with what you can eat, and generally hurt your quality of life. Until you seek the appropriate restorative dental work, the discomfort can be a constant nuisance. If you ignore the problem, the health of your tooth can actually worsen to the point where it cannot be saved! When a toothache starts to arise, make sure your Tucson, AZ knows about it. Once you call and explain the situation, you can go in to have an evaluation. It is often necessary to address these problems through root canal therapy, which addresses problems that have developed within the tooth. Once this is done, we can restore the tooth with a custom dental crown to keep it protected.

What Is Causing Your Tooth Pain?

If you develop a tooth pain unexpectedly, or if your tooth continues to hurt after a physical injury, it can be due to an infection. Infections form when cavities are not caught and treated with dental fillings, or when the tooth is exposed to bacteria by physical trauma. If your tooth has been in pain for an extended period of time, it can be a sign that an infection has formed. Letting the matter go unaddressed will give bacteria more time to spread, which leads to the movement of harmful microbes through the tooth’s roots. This can lead to the loss of your tooth, and it will also make you vulnerable to new health issues related to the infection.

Scheduling Root Canal Therapy To Stop A Toothache

Root canal therapy is not always necessary when treating a cavity, but it will be required if a tooth has become infected. It is also used to restore teeth when physical damage occurs. The process of treating a tooth this way requires your dentist to access the space within the tooth to remove the infection as well as damaged or infected tissues. Once that removal occurs, and the tooth’s pulp is cleaned, the space will be sealed to prevent future problems. After this, plans will be made to permanently restore the tooth with a dental crown!

How A Tooth Is Restored After Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy provides important work – without this treatment, an advanced cavity or injury would require the removal of your tooth! Once it is done, a dental crown is needed to keep the tooth protected. At our office, we have technology that allows us to produce same-day crowns. Once your custom crown is produced, we can affix it to the tooth to provide cosmetic and functional support.

Talk To Your Tucson, AZ Dentist About Restorative Treatment

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