What Patients Should Know About Dental Emergencies

While it is good for patients to know that emergency dental services are available to them, we certainly hope you never need to use this information! With that said, you may find yourself in need of treatment on short notice after an injury, or the onset of a toothache. If this occurs, know that your Tucson, AZ dentist is ready to help! Our practice can welcome you in on short notice and see what we can do to restore your oral health. Your treatment will focus on more than just addressing the problem that sent you to us. We are committed to providing restorative dental work that can take care of your smile as well as your oral health, even if you need our help on short notice.

Will I Be Able To Schedule Treatment On Short Notice?

You will be able to see us on short notice if necessary. Having access to urgent care is important. Without it, you become vulnerable to complications from an injury or advanced cavity. That can mean problems with more physical damage to the tooth, or with a worsening infection that causes more discomfort.

How Serious Should A Problem Be To Qualify As An Emergency?

If an injury changes your smile, interferes with your bite function, or causes significant discomfort, let us know! We are ready to respond to these problems promptly so that these issues do not worsen. We can also help on short notice if you start to feel pain that is hard to ignore from a possible infection or advanced cavity. Once you arrive, we can provide root canal therapy and other services to stop a tooth’s problems, put an end to discomfort, and make sure an infection does not worsen.

Can My Appearance Be Restored After An Injury?

The dental restorations we use to restore patients’ teeth can help improve your appearance and dental health. If you need a custom dental crown, we can actually create one in the office to provide treatment on short notice. This can be particularly helpful when you have a visible injury to address. We can make sure a chipped or cracked tooth is restored so that you can smile, speak, and bite without issues!

Your Tucson, AZ Dentist Is Ready To Address Your Dental Emergency

Our practice is ready to help you if you need to schedule an emergency dental appointment! During your visit, we will take care to fully address the problem affecting your smile and oral health. Access to urgent care makes you less likely to experience complications that affect your oral health and treatment. If you would like to find out more about our urgent care, or if you have questions about our general services, call our Tucson, AZ dental practice at 520.296.4539!