Discussing Different Approaches To Teeth Whitening

You may not know what the “right” approach to teeth whitening is for you, but you know you are tired of seeing dull, discolored teeth in the mirror. If you have already attempted to brighten your smile with take-home whitening kits, you may wonder if there is any approach that will produce the results you really want. Through a professional whitening treatment, you can see your smile become brighter by many shades. Our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office provides take-home whitening kits that can produce exciting results, and we can also bring patients in to have their teeth whitened in the dentist’s office.

Are You Tired Of Feeling Self-Conscious About Your Smile?

Dental discoloration affects many people to varying degrees. Those who have seen their teeth dull by many shades can be self-conscious to show off their smile, particularly when they think about how bright their teeth used to be. If you are ready to make a real change to the way you look, take the time to discuss cosmetic dentistry. Through treatment that occurs in the office or at home, you can make significant improvements and boost your confidence!

Deciding On The Teeth Whitening Approach That Best Fits Your Needs

If you want to show off a better smile in the shortest time possible, or if you want to have your dentist’s help with treatment, you can schedule an appointment in the office to have your teeth whitened. In-office whitening only requires one appointment; the procedure will use a special light to activate the effects of the bleaching gel used to improve the way you look. If you worry it will be difficult to make time for treatment, or if you prefer to take on this procedure on your own, you do have the option of taking home a customized whitening kit. The kit includes whitening trays that are made for your use, meaning they can be counted on to fit comfortably and aid in the even application of whitening agents.

Talk To Your Dentist About Other Cosmetic Services That Address Discoloration

While discoloration is often caused by stains that our teeth pick up over the years, there are other issues that can change the color of your teeth. If these issues are the reason you feel self-conscious, you may want to learn about other cosmetic dental procedures. Treatment with porcelain veneers can improve the color of teeth affected by damage, enamel erosion, and other concerns. A dental bonding procedure can also effectively hide this problem.

Talk To Your Tucson, AZ Dentist About Teeth Whitening

Through professional teeth whitening treatment, you can deal with frustrating and embarrassing problems with discoloration that make you self-conscious about the way you look. To find out more about these services, or to discuss other cosmetic treatments, contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist, Dr. Newman, by calling 520-296-5439.