What To Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care

Are you prepared to arrange treatment if you experience a dental emergency? Being prepared to respond to an urgent dental problem is important, even though you should certainly hope you never need to arrange this kind of care. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we are ready to see patients when problems arise that call for attention on short notice. If you experience trauma that breaks, loosens, or completely dislodges a tooth, we can respond to the matter and restore your oral health. We can also step in on short notice and provide care if you start to suffer from significant pain or sensitivity issues.

Let Your Dentist’s Office Know What Happened

Make sure that you reach out to your dentist’s office as soon as possible to explain what has happened. Once we know that you have a problem with trauma or pain, we can make arrangements to see you in our office and treat the matter. Delaying this call can lead to more consequences than you realize. You may end up doing more harm to the tooth before your appointment, or you could completely lose a tooth that was only loose.

Do What You Can To Keep Your Tooth Safe

Be careful about interacting with an injured tooth, as it could be damaged further. While you should be particularly careful if a tooth is knocked loose, you can try to gently press it back into its socket with your tongue. If the tooth is completely knocked out, avoid touching its roots. Handle it by its crown only, and use milk to keep it from becoming too dry.

While you should be careful with your tooth, you can take some steps to manage pain before you arrive and receive treatment. Over the counter pain relievers can help, as can the placement of ice or a cold compress at the site of the injured or aching tooth.

Be Prepared To Undergo Necessary Restorative Treatment

In order to restore your tooth, your dentist may have to perform root canal therapy. This is necessary when internal damage has occurred, or when an infection has formed. To keep it safe after treatment, a dental crown can be placed. Crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line. With the technology in our office, we can shorten the amount of time that it takes to restore a tooth with a crown, as we can produce a lifelike restoration at our office in just one day!

Our Tucson, AZ Dentist’s Office Can Provide Emergency Dental Care

Newman Dental is ready to help patients who need to receive attention on short notice. To find out more about our practice and services, contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist, Dr. Newman, by calling 520-296-5439.