Are There Long-Term Consequences To Ignoring A Toothache?

You may not enjoy living with a toothache, but you can hope that it goes away before you have to see your dentist. Is there really a chance that the problem will subside without treatment, or will the pain worsen until you finally go in for restorative dental treatment? A persistent problem with tooth pain or sensitivity should not be ignored, as this is often a symptom of infection. Infections worsen gradually in time, which means the tooth’s health will deteriorate – in addition to suffering more pain, you can face a greater risk for losing your tooth! Our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you are suffering a toothache. After evaluating the tooth, we can take care of you with the appropriate treatment to resolve the matter and protect it.

A Toothache Can Be A Symptom Of An Advanced Cavity

Problems with tooth pain can often be traced back to advanced decay. A cavity that forms will initially only affect your enamel. Unfortunately, there is not a way for you to stop the spread of bacteria as more of your tooth structure is destroyed. In time, this will lead to the infection of the tooth. When bacteria start to attack the tooth’s inner structure, they can spread and move through the roots of your tooth to cause more problems for you. When bacteria spread far enough, the tooth can be beyond the point of saving, and your infection can cause new problems for your health.

Restoring A Problem Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, a root canal procedure will have to be performed to remove the bacteria and damaged tissues that have formed. After these tissues are cleared away, the tooth will be sealed to close the pulp and protect it from further harm. When this is done, the tooth will require permanent protection in the form of a dental crown. The technology in our office allows us to produce lifelike crowns for our patients.

We Can Restore A Problem Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

The technology we use to create lifelike dental crowns can keep a patient’s tooth safe while also restoring their smile. Because we can produce a crown ourselves, and do not have to rely on a third party, we can actually complete the process of measuring your tooth, designing your restoration, and producing your crown in the span of just one visit.

Talk To Your Tucson, AZ Dentist’s Office About Your Toothache!

If you are currently struggling with a toothache, you should be concerned – that pain could be a warning that you have developed an infection! To learn how we can help you, please contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist, Dr. Newman, by calling 520-296-5439.