Show Off A Bright, Confident Smile After Receiving Veneers

Are you frequently finding yourself hiding your smile, or trying to avoid letting people notice your teeth when you speak? Even minor flaws that affect your smile can impact your confidence in a significant way. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we can address issues that you have with your smile by placing porcelain veneers on your teeth to address problems like discoloration, wear and tear, and even problems with your alignment. Veneers require less preparatory work than you might expect, as they only cover the fronts of teeth. Despite their slim design, they can hold up remarkably well against years of biting and chewing friction, which can ensure that you continue to show off an improved smile!

What Changes Can I Make By Receiving Veneers?

There are a variety of changes that you can make with this one cosmetic dental procedure. The placement of veneers can be recommended for patients who want to deal with teeth that look worn, flattened, or even chipped and cracked by years of use or teeth grinding. They can also be effective at restoring natural flaws with the shape or size of teeth. In some cases, they can be recommended for patients who have discolored teeth, particularly when that discoloration is caused by something other than teeth stains.

The Placement Process For Porcelain Veneers

Before you receive veneers, your dentist will carefully measure your teeth and prepare their surfaces to have veneers bonded to them. This calls for minimal work, but the treatment is important for making sure that your restorations look natural when placed. The measurements taken are used to design veneers that fit precisely and address the different flaws that affect you. Once your restorations are ready, they will be bonded to your teeth after confirmation that they will provide the desired results. The bonding process will keep the veneers securely in place for many years.

Exploring Other Options For Improving Your Smile

A bonding and contouring procedure is capable of positively changing the shape, size, and color of your teeth without the use of restorations. This can minimize the amount of preparatory work while still making lasting improvements. We may also be able to restore your smile while doing work to modify your gums. A laser gum contouring procedure will remove excess or bulky tissues in order to make teeth look longer, and to make your smile more symmetrical.

Newman Dental Can Help You Show Off A Brighter, More Confident Smile!

At Newman Dental, patients who are concerned about their appearance can find out how a treatment with porcelain veneers is able to make exciting changes to your smile! To learn more about this procedure, and other cosmetic treatments, contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist, Dr. Newman, by calling 520-296-5439.