Is It Time To Contact A Dentist About Your Toothache?

If you have a toothache because of a sinus issue, the pain can reside without the need for treatment from your dentist. However, if there is no clear cause for your pain, or if the discomfort follows a recent injury, you should see your discomfort as a matter to bring up with a professional. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we are prepared to work with individuals who want to know how they can put a stop to a toothache. Your treatment may call for restorative dental work – we can determine what condition your tooth is in and recommend a conservative solution. Because our practice uses attractive and convenient restorations, we can have your care completed in less time than you might think possible!

You Should Be Concerned Over Problems With A Toothache

If you have a toothache that persists, or one that you believe to be related to your oral health, you should look into treatment as soon as possible. Aches and pains are often associated with infections, which will worsen as time passes. Eventually, the problem can become so serious that the tooth cannot be saved. The bacteria responsible for the infection can also create new issues as they spread through the roots of a tooth!

A Root Canal Procedure Can Bring An End To Your Dental Discomfort

While patients are sometimes wary when they hear they need a root canal procedure, be aware that the procedure can be what you need to stop ongoing tooth pain. In other words, your root canal can be the key to stopping your discomfort and regaining the ability to speak, laugh, and eat comfortably. The treatment involves the careful removal of damaged and infected tissues within your tooth’s pulp, the interior chamber where living tissues are housed. Once this is done, the tooth can receive protection in the form of a custom dental crown.

We Can Restore An Unhealthy Tooth In Less Time With Same-Day Crowns

We can complete your restorative dental treatment in less time than you anticipate, as our patients have access to same-day dental crowns. Same-day crowns are possible thanks to CAD/CAM technology, which allows us to digitally measure and design the restoration. Once that design is ready, a milling machine at our practice produces a lifelike ceramic crown. The crown, once placed, will provide lasting protection while also preserving the way you look!

Talk To Your Tucson, AZ Dentist About Your Toothache!

At Newman Family Dental, patients who worry over a toothache can come to us for beneficial treatment. After the issue is identified, we can work to resolve the matter so that you no longer have to live with dental pain! For more information, contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist, Dr. Newman, by calling 520-296-5439.

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