How Can I Make Sure My Kids Remain Cavity-Free?

Taking care of your kids can feel like a demanding job at times, but few matters in life can feel as pressing or rewarding. While helping your child maintain a healthy smile is just part of the care you need to provide, it can be an important part of maintaining their overall well-being. Particularly when they are young, the right approach to preventive care can be important. Growing up cavity-free can lower their risks for oral health complications, and it can eliminate the need for restorative dental work while they are still at an early and impressionable age. Our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office can help you support them by providing pediatric dental care in a friendly, welcoming environment. We can also use appointments as opportunities to help them gain an understanding of how they should go about caring for their teeth between visits!

How Involved Should You Be In Your Child’s Oral Health Care Routine?

While you will initially be the person responsible for cleaning your child’s teeth, they will eventually take on this responsibility for themselves. As important as this transition is, remember that this is not the last time you need to be involved in their oral health care. You should provide encouragement and support when they are learning to clean their own teeth. You should also help them by encouraging them to stick with smart, smile-healthy foods and drinks during meals and snacks.

Are You Setting The Right Example When It Comes To Oral Health Care?

If you have a history of troubles with tooth decay, and want your child to avoid the need for dental fillings and dental crowns in the future, you should take time to reconsider your approach to oral care. At your own routine dental exams, you and your dentist can discuss what might need to change, and what you can do to model good habits for your kids. One way to instruct kids on how to brush and floss is to model these behaviors by performing them yourself. Make sure you are brushing thoroughly (it should take around two minutes) and include flossing in your routine.

Healthy Snack Choices Help Kids And Adults Avoid Cavity Troubles

What you do in between your smile care sessions will matter for your long-term oral health. Remember to be smart about your diet choices, as well as your oral hygiene routine, if you want to avoid future cavities. Setting a good example at the dinner table can be as important as setting the right example with brushing and flossing!

Our Tucson, AZ Dentist’s Office Helps Families Prevent Cavity Troubles

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