Repairing Your Broken Tooth

Right now, our office is only open for emergency dental treatments, or procedures that cannot be put off without placing your smile’s health and function at risk. In order to avoid cavities and other complications, we offer repairs for teeth that are chipped and broken. When should you see your Tucson, AZ, dentist, and what steps to we take to ensure our patients’ health and safety?

The Dangers of Damaged Teeth

If you chip or break a tooth, then this damage not only impacts the esthetics of your smile, but your oral health as well. The outer enamel coating our teeth actually protects the more sensitive inner layers of dentin from bacteria. However, when we injure the outer layer, then bacteria reach the dentin and cause a cavity to form. As the cavity grows worse, you may experience tooth sensitivity and toothaches, and the risk of infection also increases. Let us know if you have a broken tooth, so we can help protect your smile.

What To Do When You Chip or Break a Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, then your first response should be to rinse with warm water. You can use a piece of cloth or gauze to stem any bleeding, and an ice pack or cold compress against the side of the face could control swelling. If you can, recover any pieces and bring them with you to the office. If this isn’t possible, don’t worry, we can still repair your tooth. Contact our team so we can schedule an appointment to see you.


We have a number of options available to help protect your smile and restore damaged teeth. For minor damage, we may use dental bonding, a lifelike and metal-free composite resin that we can restore lost tooth structure and blend with the smile. Placement only takes one visit to complete! For more substantial damage, we may instead create and place a dental crown. The crown covers the visible portion of your tooth and is often create from materials like porcelain, which can be shaded to match the color of surrounding teeth. We also have inlay and onlays, and if you lose a tooth completely, lifelike bridges and dental implants. If you have any questions about addressing emergency issues like broken teeth, or about the safety protocols we follow in our office, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Restorative Treatment?

At our Tucson, AZ, dentist’s office, our team can offer repairs to prevent issues for growing more severe and threatening your overall oral health. If you have questions about restorative smile improvement or how to respond to a dental emergency, contact us today to schedule a visit by calling our office at 520-296-5439.



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