Does A Child Need A Dental Restoration?

Kids eventually lose their baby teeth, as they begin to fall out around age six and continue to do so as the permanent teeth arrive. Which means if a baby tooth develops a cavity, then treatment isn’t really necessary right? Wrong. In fact, ignoring a cavity in a primary tooth could mean the onset of serious consequences, including misalignment! Learn why your kids need a restoration from their Tucson, AZ, dentist.

Cavities in Childhood

Kids develop cavities when they consume foods and drinks high in sugar, which leaves particles behind for bacteria to break down, a process that coats the teeth in plaque and weakens the protective layer of tooth enamel. Poor oral hygiene, such as lack of proper brushing and flossing or visits for checkup and cleanings, could also increase the risk of cavities. When a cavity forms, children may eventually experience tooth sensitivity and painful toothaches as the risk of infection increases. At this point, unless treated the tooth could be lost prematurely, which impacts how the permanent teeth arrive, as the remaining baby teeth help guide them in place.

The Filling Placement

If your little one attends routine checkups every six months, then we will likely uncover possible tooth decay in the early stages, before they experience discomfort. Otherwise, you may not know your little one needs help until he or she talks about pain and sensitivity in one or more of the teeth. Treatment involves removing the decay from the tooth and then thoroughly cleaning it. Next, we prepare and place the filling material, a metal-free composite resin we can shade to match the color of the teeth. We then sculpt and mold the tooth as we cure the composite resin under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more lifelike appearance, the entire procedure only taking one visit to complete.

Protecting Their Smiles

To help reduce the risk of cavities, be sure your child brushes his or her teeth for two minutes in the morning and again at night. Your little one should use a fluoride toothpaste too! Cut back on sugary foods and drinks, including seemingly healthy choices like fruit juice or dried fruit. Make time to see our team every six months, so we monitor the smile as it grows and changes. If you have any questions about cavity prevention and treatment, or about what it takes for your kids to enjoy optimal oral health, then contact our team today.

Schedule Your Child’s Exam

At our Tucson, AZ, dentist’s office, our team offers general and preventive care to help kids of all ages enjoy optimal oral health and learn good dental habits. If you have questions about children’s dentistry, contact us today to schedule a visit by calling our office at 520-296-5439.