When Does A Smile Need A Perio Cleaning?

A routine dental cleaning is offered every six months to help prevent the onset of gum disease and other common oral health issues. But what if you have the warning signs of gingivitis, or suffer from gum disease? To prevent the issue from leading to poor oral health and a higher risk of missing teeth, your Tucson, AZ, dentist may suggest a perio cleaning, also known as a scaling and root planing.

The Warning Signs of Poor Gum Health

How do you know if your gums are in trouble? When inflammation begins, you may notice your gums look red and feel sore. Eventually, they could bleed easily when you brush and floss as well. This signifies either the early stages of periodontal disease, or simply gingivitis. With gingivitis, we can reverse inflammation and restore your smile’s health. Since gum disease cannot be cured, we will use a deep cleaning to instead manage the disease to help you avoid discomfort and protect your smile from the advanced stages of the disease, which are linked to adult tooth loss.

Perio Cleaning

Plaque buildup forms on our teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene and diets high in sugar and starch. Unless removed, the buildup will irritate and inflame the gum tissue, leading to poor periodontal health. While a routine cleaning removes all plaque and tartar, once inflammation or gum disease starts, then the roots will need attention as well. With a perio cleaning, we use an ultrasonic scaling device to remove the buildup from the teeth and to also smooth the root surfaces as well. Depending on the extent of your inflammation and buildup, this could take one visit to complete or up to four. Afterward, we will recommend routine cleanings about once every three to four months to properly protect your smile and manage the disease.

Avoiding Gum Disease

To avoid gum disease, take steps to reduce the severity of plaque buildup, such as brushing and flossing your teeth daily and cutting back on foods and drinks high in sugar and starch. Avoid cigarettes and other tobacco products as well, and make time to see our team for routine checkups and cleanings, so we can watch your gums and also remove plaque regularly. If you have any questions about avoiding this disease or if you think you could benefit from a cleaning or a scaling and root planing, then contact our team today. We would love to help you enjoy optimal oral health!

Do You Need an Exam?

At our Tucson, AZ, dentist’s office, we can help you enjoy better oral health and about the onset of serious periodontal issues. If you have questions about preventive dentistry, contact us today to schedule a visit by calling our office at 520-296-5439.