Treating Pain In Your Tooth With Endodontics

Do you suffer from a prolonged toothache, or persistent tooth sensitivity that doesn’t seem to pass with time? If so, then you may need treatment to avoid losing your tooth to a severe infection or abscess. In order to treat your pain and return your tooth to optimal health and function, we may offer endodontic care. When should you see your Tucson, AZ, dentist for treatment?

The Causes of Advanced Decay and Infection

The layer of tooth enamel that coats the teeth protects it from cavities, infection, and injury. However, should an injury weaken or damage the outer layer, causing cracks or chips to appear, or should poor oral hygiene erode the outer enamel, then bacteria gains access to these inner layers. A cavity forms and unless treated, will grow more severe until bacteria reaches the pulp and causes an infected tooth. The infection will lead to serious discomfort, including pain eating or chewing, soreness in the face or jaw, swelling near the tooth, or a discharge from the tooth. Lack of treatment at this stage means the risk of losing the tooth altogether, and the infection reaching surrounding teeth or moving into the jawbone itself.

Endodontic Treatment

To stop infection and preserve your tooth, we may perform an endodontic treatment known as root canal therapy. With an advanced dental laser, we will open the tooth and remove the infected tissue from within. The laser can pinpoint infected tissue with accuracy and precision, preserving surrounding structure and preventing unnecessary damage. We then clean the inside of the tooth and apply a restorative filling material. Finally, we cap the tooth with a dental crown. The use of a dental laser also accelerates the healing period, ensuring a more comfortable treatment process and recovery, and a reduced risk of complications.

Protecting Your Smile

To prevent an infected tooth or advanced decay, be sure you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes and floss every night before going to bed. You also need to have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months, and cut back on consuming sugary foods and drinks. If you have any questions about our advanced endodontic treatments, or if you have pain in or around one or more of your teeth, then please contact our team today for a diagnosis and to receive treatment.

Ready for Restorative Treatment?

Our team wants to help you enjoy a healthy and whole smile with our custom and lifelike restorative care. For more information on maintaining optimal oral health, then schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.