Is A Toothache Cause For Alarm?

Did you know that toothaches could be caused a number of different factors? However, in some cases your ache could be the result of tooth decay, a serious oral health concern that your Tucson, AZ, dentist can treat. In today’s blog, we’re looking at when people should see us for treatment and how we stop toothaches.

The Link Between Aches and Decay

Pain in your tooth could be the result of sinus or allergy issues, or even changes in air pressure, such as riding in an airplane or visiting a new location at a higher elevation. However, these aches are short-lived and pass after a few hours. If you have pain in your tooth that lasts for more than 48 hours, then this could potentially be the result of a cavity.

A cavity forms when the outer layer of tooth enamel is compromised, usually via enamel erosion due to poor oral hygiene, or an injury to the tooth. Once damaged, bacteria can bypass the outer enamel and reach the layers of dentin beneath, which are much more sensitive. Once the cavity forms, the decay will continue to grow and spread throughout the tooth, causing discomfort and unless treated, an infection or abscess.

When to See Your Dentist

If you have pain in your smile, let us know. We will examine your teeth for signs of cavities or infection. We can then administer treatment. We recommend routine six-month visits for checkups and cleanings because regular visits enable our team to monitor your smile and identify decay in the earliest possible stages, often before you experience tooth pain.

Stopping Your Toothache

If you have a cavity, we will stop the ache and the decay with a dental filling. We remove the decay and then clean the tooth. Next, we apply composite resin, a metal-free blend of glass and acrylic compounds, which we shade to match the tooth. We mold the tooth as the material cures under a light, and then polish it for a more natural appearance. The entire procedure takes one visit to complete and halts toothaches. In order to prevent aches from occurring, we suggest taking time to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, floss every night before going to bed, and cut back on sugary foods and drinks. We also want to see you twice a year for a checkup and cleaning!

Do You Have Ache in Your Smile?

For people with aching or sensitive teeth, we can offer lifelike and durable solutions. For more information on our restorative treatment options, then schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.