When Is Extracting a Tooth Better than Restoring It?

In most cases, restoring and preserving a healthy, natural tooth is better than losing it. However, if a tooth is beyond saving, or you’ve had it restored before and it has once again become compromised, then extracting it may be the best option for your smile. At our Tucson, AZ, dental office, we may suggest tooth extraction for a number of different reasons. However, we’ll only recommend it when it’s absolutely necessary for the good of your oral health, and in many cases, we’ll suggest replacing the tooth as soon as possible afterward.

When the tooth is an impacted molar

Third molars, known as wisdom teeth, are among the most frequently extracted teeth. That’s because they often become impacted within the jawbone due to limited space along the dental ridges. An impacted wisdom tooth continues to grow, pushing against jawbone structure and other teeth, until you extract it. The longer you wait, the more discomfort and damage to your oral structures you may experience. Because you typically don’t need a third set of molars for your bite to function properly, you won’t usually need to have your wisdom teeth replaced after they’ve been extracted.

When the tooth is too damaged to save

Cases of tooth damage, like when a tooth is fractured or broken, can often be addressed with a custom-designed restoration. For example, capping a tooth with a dental crown can stop its fracture from growing worse, or protect the unbroken portion of the tooth that still remains. However, if a fracture extends to the tooth’s root, or if enough of the tooth has broken off that there isn’t enough left of it to repair, then restoring your smile may require extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it with a durable, lifelike replacement.

When a tooth is so infected it becomes a threat

Tooth decay is most often treated with a custom-designed tooth filling or root canal treatment, depending on its severity. If the decay is severe enough, however, then it may become a serious threat to the rest of your oral health. For instance, the infection may spread through the tooth’s root canal and into surrounding tissues, and it may destroy so much of your healthy tooth structure that it can’t be restored. Extracting and replacing the tooth can remove the threat and reestablish your bite’s ability to function properly.

Learn if extracting your tooth is necessary

Sometimes, extracting a tooth is the only option for making way to restore your smile. For more information, schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.