5 Cosmetic Procedures To Improve Your Smile

Do you ever look at your smile in the mirror and wish your teeth could be brighter, or your smile could be more even? We understand, and offer residents of Tucson, AZ, a host of cosmetic treatments designed to address common esthetic issues, such as discoloration or even misalignment. Let’s look at five cosmetic procedures that improve smile beauty.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. Teeth Whitening: For most teeth stains, we may suggest an in-office teeth whitening procedure or our at-home option. The office procedure addresses stains in a single visit. We employ a powerful bleaching gel and a special light to break up stains in as little as one to two hours. For those with more substantial discoloration or who simply prefer to address the issue at home, then we have another system. Our at-home whitening employs a custom-made set of trays and a bleaching gel. The patient wears the gel-filled trays daily for about a half. After one to two weeks, your teeth will appear multiple shades brighter.
  2. Bonding and Contouring: What if you have trouble with the shape of your tooth, or your smile has developed chips? Bonding involves applying a metal-free composite resin to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, and mask teeth stains, all in one visit. We shade the material to ensure your newly repaired tooth looks natural. For misshapen or pointed teeth, minor damage, or pits and grooves in the surface, we may suggest contouring. With dental contouring, we gently buff the outer structure to reshape the tooth.
  3. Porcelain Veneers: A veneer is a thin shell pf porcelain that we place over the front of the teeth. They cover the front and sides and can be shaded to match the rest of your smile. We use them to repair minor damage, reshape malformed teeth, mask teeth stains, and correct the appearance of minor misalignment. They offer patients a complete smile transformation in as little as two visits.
  4. Invisalign®: If you have crooked or crowed teeth, then you may benefit from a cosmetic alternative to metal braces. Invisalign® aligners are made from a BPA-free plastic that is completely clear. The patient wears a set of aligners daily for two weeks before upgrading to the next set. After about a year, most patients obtain optimal results.
  5. Gum Contouring: If you have too much gum tissue, your teeth could appear small or uneven. In order to reshape the gum line and improve smile esthetics, we may suggest gum contouring.

Let’s Talk About Cosmetic Dentistry

We want to work with you to improve your smile’s health and appearance. For more details on our cosmetic dental procedures, schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.