Clarifying a Few Things About Tooth Extraction

Not everyone needs tooth extraction, and therefore, it isn’t as popular and well-known as other restorative treatment options. Therefore, when many patients in Tucson, AZ, are told that they need tooth extraction, they may fear the procedure simply because they don’t know enough about it. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth can sometimes be a much better option that trying to restore it. In such cases, your dentist will first thoroughly examine your tooth and oral health to determine that tooth extraction is the best option and whether or not you should plan on replacing it right after.

Why your dentist recommends extraction

When your dentist suggests extracting a tooth, there could be several potential reasons why. For example, the tooth may be so damaged that it doesn’t have enough strong, healthy structure left to support a restoration. Or, it may be so decayed that the infection can only be stopped by removing the tooth. In many cases, extraction is appropriate when a third molar (or wisdom tooth) becomes impacted and is threatening the teeth closest to it.

Are there other treatments you should consider?

For every dental concern, you usually have several options to choose from for addressing it. However, once tooth extraction becomes necessary, it usually means that there is no other option left for protecting and preserving your oral health. For example, if you hesitate to remove a severely damaged or infected tooth, then it may only get worse and affect other teeth and oral tissues before falling out on its own.

Does extracting one tooth affect the rest?

After extracting a tooth, the ones that remain may feel the impact of its loss. In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, the extraction will allow the rest of your teeth to remain healthy and safe from the pressure of the impacted tooth. For other teeth, however, the loss can prove detrimental to the health, integrity, and alignment of your other teeth, which is why your dentist may suggest planning for an appropriate tooth replacement flowing your tooth extraction.

Learn More About the Value of Tooth Extraction

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