What You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

You might not consider extracting a tooth a step forward in preserving your oral health. But, in many cases, it’s the best way to remove a significant threat to your oral health so your dentist can successfully restore your smile. Nevertheless, tooth extraction can still cause the same effects to your oral health as other means of tooth loss. Therefore, your dentist will only recommend the procedure if it’s absolutely necessary to save your smile.

What’s the point of extraction?

The point of any restorative dental treatment is to address whatever is threatening your tooth and restore your oral health and bite function. Extracting the tooth is necessary to accomplish those goals in several cases, such as:

  • A cracked or broken tooth root
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Wisdom tooth impaction
  • Loss of support due to gum disease
  • Severely crooked teeth
  • And more

What are my alternatives?

If your tooth has become so compromised or impacted that extracting it is the only recourse, then there may not be any alternatives other than waiting for it to fall out. However, hesitating can allow your condition to grow worse, and by then, you may need treatment for more than just your tooth.

What’s the best way to replace the tooth?

Despite the need for extracting a tooth, your dentist may recommend a treatment plan for replacing it to avoid the complications that might arise from tooth loss. In many cases, the best option is to replace it with a dental implant and crown, which replaces the root of your lost tooth as well as its visible part.

Find Out More About Tooth Extraction

Under the right circumstances and, in many cases, with an appropriate restoration plan afterward, tooth extraction can be the best way to preserve your smile. To learn more, schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza in Tucson, AZ, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.