Know More About Gum Disease

Gum disease, one of the most destructive dental health issues today, can develop without your knowledge if you’re not sure how to prevent it, or what to look for to detect its presence. With a short, fairly simple quiz, we can help you gauge how much you know about gum disease and your potential for protecting your smile against it.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is just one form of proof that brushing and flossing your teeth every day isn’t a humdrum habit. Like tooth decay, which causes cavities, gum disease begins when oral bacteria are allowed to gather in force, usually due to neglect and poor hygiene. Certain bacteria (contributors to dental plaque) release toxins that cause your gums to separate from your teeth, while others can incite inflammation that hastens the onset of gum disease. Neglecting your hygiene routine allows more bacteria to gather, increasing your risk of developing a dental disease.

What symptoms should I be aware of?

As your gums become infected, they become red and, as mentioned above, inflamed. You might notice small traces of blood mixed in with your saliva when you brush and floss your teeth, or occasionally when you spit. You may also see that your gums are red and angry looking, even if they don’t hurt or exhibit sensitivity. Bleeding, swollen gums should prompt you to call our office immediately to seek periodontal treatment before the condition grows worse.

How can I prevent gum disease?

Luckily, gum disease can be prevented with adequate hygiene and regular maintenance at your dentist’s office. Brushing and flossing twice a day controls bacteria and the plaque they create as protection. Attending a dental checkup and cleaning at least once every six months helps us ensure that your mouth is free of bacteria. It also allows your dentist to check for warning signs of gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, and other abnormalities.

Learn More About Gum Disease

The more you know about gum disease, the better you can protect your smile from its development and the consequences of its presence. To learn more, schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Dr. Newman’s office today at 520-296-5439. We’re conveniently located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza in Tucson, AZ, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.