Questions for Your Emergency Dentist

Not everyone has experienced a dental emergency, but many of us do, and each situation is different from every other. For most cases, however, the emergency stems from the immediate need to repair and restore a tooth that has been damaged, or to protect oral tissues that have been compromised. If you experience a dental emergency, then you should call your dentist’s office as soon as possible to avoid further injury or risk to your dental health.

Is it really an emergency?

Before calling your dentist, you may wonder if your situation really is an emergency or not. If there is no blood and if your tooth seems intact, then you might not be certain. However, even sudden tooth pain without other obvious systems could indicate an emergency situation. To know for sure, call your dentist’s office if your tooth or teeth are in pain.

Are dental emergencies preventable?

In some cases, such as tooth decay or gum disease that has grown progressively worse, the emergency may have been prevented with better hygiene and regular care from your dentist. In others, however, such as accidental trauma to your face or mouth, the situation may not have been avoidable.

What if my tooth is accidentally knocked out?

The goal of emergency dental treatment is to restore the health, strength, and integrity of your teeth and bite as soon as possible. If your tooth is knocked out, or avulsed, then restoring your smile could require replacing it as soon as possible. This may be best accomplished with a dental implant, which can replace the root of your tooth as well as its visible crown.

Call Our Office if You Have a Dental Emergency

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