Could Daily Sweets Be Causing You Major Dental Problems?

Could Daily Sweets Be Causing You Major Dental Problems?Many adults would admit to having a so-called “sweet tooth.” Unfortunately, whether you like to indulge in a daily cookie, cupcake, bowl of ice cream, candybar, or even soda or sweetened tea or coffee, your little bad habit could add up to some pretty major dental problems. If you want to avoid cavities, which are caused by acidic erosion, as well as gum disease, a chronic health condition, there are several steps you can take to protect your smile and prevent the need for restorative dentistry. But one of the most important is making sure your diet is setting you up for great oral health, not sabotaging your smile!

What Is the Big Problem with Sugar?

While sugar in moderation may be okay from a health perspective and in regards to your smile, too much sugar can certainly lead to a host of issues. When it comes to your smile, this includes potential cavities and gum disease.

Sugar is what the bacteria in your mouth use for energy, so the more of it you are consuming on a regular basis, the more likely you are to develop plaque buildup. Once this hardens onto teeth it becomes a substance called tartar, which besides being unsightly, can lead to some serious dental problems.

Don’t Forget About What’s In Your Glass

If you want to protect your teeth, try to eat a nutrient-rich diet that is low sugar. It’s also important to remember that many drinks are just as high in sugar, or may contain even more sugar, than some of your favorite snacks and sweet treats.

So be careful what you are drinking, as well as eating, if you truly want to prevent dental problems and protect your oral health.

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