Hoping to Enjoy Dazzling White Teeth?

Hoping to Enjoy Dazzling White Teeth?Are you interested in enjoying a brighter, whiter and simply more beautiful smile? Beautiful teeth can inspire confidence. Unfortunately, dingy and discolored teeth can do just the opposite. They can cause a great deal of embarrassment. If your teeth are looking less bright than you would like, professional smile enhancement could help leave you with the kind of smile you will actually feel proud to show off!

Start with Professional Treatment

If you know you want dramatically lighter teeth, don’t waste time trying every product at the drugstore that claims it can lighten teeth. Start with professional whitening treatment, which has been proven efficient, effective, and most importantly, safe for your teeth. In just a few weeks’ time, professional treatment could leave your teeth lightened between five and ten shades, making it a great option if you are preparing for a special event, or simply ready to enjoy improved confidence,

Want to Keep Your Smile White?

Of course, if you want to keep your pearly whites looking their best following professional teeth whitening, there are several steps you can take. First, make sure you are both brushing and flossing each day, to help remove staining products from your teeth’s surface, and also to limit unsightly tartar buildup. Secondly, avoid staining beverages like teas, sodas and coffee, or drink through a straw, if possible.

Finally, make sure to schedule at least bi-annual checkups and cleanings, since these appointments can help to keep teeth looking and feeling their best.

Interested In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Newman could help enhance your smile through cosmetic dental treatment. You can schedule a cosmetic appointment, today, by calling Newman Dental at 520-296-5439. Newman Dental is located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza in Tucson, AZ, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.