Will a Cavity Require Root Canal Therapy?

Will a Cavity Require Root Canal Therapy?Are you concerned that you might have developed a dental cavity? If so, you might be concerned about what kind of restorative treatment will be required to restore your comfort, and to save your tooth, if that’s even possible. The great news is that most cavities can actually be addressed with minimally invasive dental fillings. Modern fillings can even be made to look natural, while providing great protection against further erosion. The key is simply to see your dentist at the first symptom of trouble, rather than waiting, allowing the issue to worsen over time. If you are diagnosed with a deeply progressed cavity, though, restoration could likely still help to save the affected tooth.

Prompt Treatment Can Prevent Progression

With most dental issues, prompt restorative action is key to preventing worsening problems. That’s because the teeth are strong, but they don’t have the ability to repair themselves when they’ve become eroded or otherwise damaged. By seeing the dentist quickly, if you suspect you have a cavity or other problem, you help to increase the likelihood that a simple treatment, like a dental filling, can help to restore the tooth, as well as your comfort.

Root Canal Therapy Can Help You Avoid More Extensive Measures

Fortunately, even if a cavity has progressed to the point of infection, endodontic care, such as root canal therapy, can often help to save the tooth, by helping to remove any infected portions of the tooth. Though root canal therapy is considered more invasive than some alternative treatments, it is still preferable to a tooth needing to be extracted.

Restorative Dentistry Can Help Save Your Tooth

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