Importance Of Replacing A Tooth

Importance Of Replacing A ToothYour dentist’s main objective is to protect your teeth. In doing so, a tooth extraction will be left as a last resort after all other options have been ruled out. There are times when the extraction (removal) of a tooth is absolutely necessary. When a wisdom tooth is extracted, there is no need to replace it. However, when any other adult tooth has been removed from the mouth, there are important reasons that it must be replaced. When a tooth in the front of the mouth is missing, you may feel self-conscious. But when a tooth elsewhere in the mouth is missing, it can cause negative impacts on the health and function of your other teeth. 

Maintaining function of talking and chewing

Again, a front tooth missing can affect your appearance causing you to feel self-conscious. A tooth missing in the front of your mouth can also cause a lisp or other speech impediment. A missing tooth can also make it difficult to chew. Some foods may seem impossible to chew. A missing tooth may force you to move most of your chewing to another part of your mouth. Without that equal distribution of chew work, the overcompensated teeth can begin to take on the brunt of the wear and tear making them susceptible to decay, damage, and even loss.

Reducing the risk of bone loss

A tooth along with its roots and nerves stimulate the bone of the jaw. When a tooth is removed, the lack of stimulation can cause the jawbone to resorb or breakdown back into the body. Without the strong foundation of the jaw, the teeth that are still there begin to lose their rooting leaving them at risk to be lost. When a jawbone begins to resorb, it can change the appearance of the face.

If you have a missing tooth, it is important to replace it

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