A Crown In Just One Visit

a crown in just one visitThere are several scenarios in which you may require a dental crown, such as an injury, damage, extensive decay, a root canal treatment, etc. A crown protects an exposed and vulnerable tooth from further damage. Without special technology, a mold for a crown would need to be outsourced to an offsite lab. In the meantime, the patient would wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the permanent crown was ready. Because Newman Dental has invested in advanced E4D technology, a crown can be created in a single appointment. 

The advanced dental technology

The E4D technology works by taking an digital impression of your mouth to design a custom crown. An onsite milling machine uses the design to create the dental crown by carving out a ceramic block. Once the crown is created, it can be bonded to the remainder of your tooth. Because this can be done in just one visit, there is less exposure of a vulnerable tooth or temporary crown to potential damage.

Benefits of a crown

Ceramic crowns look natural and can improve the appearance of damaged teeth. If a broken or damaged tooth has affected your chewing ability, a crown can restore your chew back to normal. A crown can also impact any speech impediments that were made by a damaged tooth. A crown can also protect a tooth from future decay and infection.

Protect your smile with a same-day crown

Dr. Newman can restore your smile with a crown in one visit. To schedule a consultation, call 520-296-5439. Newman Dental is located inside the Grant Road Professional Plaza in Tucson, AZ, and proudly welcome the residents of all surrounding communities.

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