Does Your Child Need Dental Treatment?


 Does Your Child Need Dental Treatment?As a parent, there are likely already a host of activities on your metaphorical plate. From meal planning and soccer practices, to doctor visits and occasionally even sleep, you might feel like you can’t possibly add even one more event to your calendar. Yet, if your child hasn’t seen the dentist recently there are several compelling reasons to schedule an appointment. After all, you would do almost anything to see your kid smile. Why not make sure it’s a healthy one, with preventive dental care?

When Should the First Dental Visit Happen?

Many first-time parents don’t realize that babies actually require dental care even before their first tooth or teeth is visible. That’s because the gums are still susceptible to issues, like a common condition known as baby bottle tooth decay. As teeth erupt it’s important to gently brush each one.

It’s also important to take your child for his or her first dental checkup and cleaning around the time of the first birthday.

How Often Do Kids Need Cleanings?

After the initial visit around the age of one, children should begin seeing the dentist at least twice a year for preventive checkups and cleanings. These appointments give dentists a chance to check for burgeoning issues, like cavities, as well as to provide dental sealants, if needed. Sealants like fluoride can actually help to protect young teeth, by making it harder for tartar to develop.

In some cases, kids might also need restorative treatment to address existing cavities, chips or cracks. Fortunately, kids that consistently brush and floss at-home and that attend bi-annual cleanings, are far less likely to struggle with dental decay.

Make Sure Your Kids’ Smiles Get the Care They Need

If your child is overdue for a preventive dental appointment, call today to schedule an appointment with your family dentist. To schedule his or her next visit, call Newman Dental in Tucson, AZ, today at 520-296-5439.