Does My Smile Need Restorative Treatment?

Does My Smile Need Restorative Treatment?Are you having a hard time enjoying meals, lately, because of dental discomfort? Did your dentist diagnose you with a cavity, but you have yet to schedule treatment? Were you involved in an accident that involved your smile, either at work, while playing a sport, during a drive, or even while chewing? If so, you could be in need of restorative dental treatment. Teeth are incredibly strong, but they lack the ability to repair themselves. So if one or several of your teeth have been damaged, it is important to schedule a dentist visit soon. That way your dentist can determine the extent of the damage, and then restore your smile’s health and comfort, as well.

Are There Warning Signs of Smile Trouble?

There are a number of potential warning signs of dental trouble, including noticeable discoloration such as white patches or grey spots or lines along the crevices of teeth. These are often indication that the enamel has been eroded, potentially to the point of developing a dental cavity.

Accidents can also cause damage, either visible or intrinsic in nature. In these cases, dental x-rays are often necessary to accurately evaluate how much damage was done.

How Can a Restoration Help?

Fortunately there are a number of restorative treatments that can help to effectively address a variety of dental issues, including cavities, chips, and cracks. Dental fillings, for instance, can help to protect teeth affected by erosion. Fillings seal the tooth against further exposure to bacteria or even food.

Dental crowns can also be helpful, in sealing teeth against further wear or exposure to bacteria. Perhaps best of all, both fillings and crowns can be made to look natural.