Straighten Up Your Smile with Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Can Straighten Your SmileHave you spent years feeling embarrassed by your smile, but too worried to seek orthodontic treatment? Misaligned smiles can cause insecurity when smiling, and often discomfort when chewing. Over time, alignment problems can even lead to subconscious teeth grinding, which can cause premature wear to teeth. It can also lead to headaches, jaw pain, and other smile-related issues. Fortunately, for patients hoping to realign their teeth, Invisalign offers an alternative to traditional braces, one that is more discreet, and which many people find more comfortable, as well.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Invisalign relies on a series of clear aligner trays, crafted from BPA-free plastic, to help slowly shift the teeth into a straighter alignment, without the use of any of the metal brackets used with traditional orthodontia. Because only plastic is used, this means there is no fear of being scratched or poked by a broken bracket. It also makes treatment far less noticeable. In fact, many people say their friends and coworkers don’t notice them wearing their braces at all.

The discreet nature of Invisalign is not the only benefit of choosing this treatment over traditional orthodontia, though.

Clear braces also:

  • Require less frequent visits to the cosmetic dentist’s office, in most cases, since the trays can easily be changed out at home.
  • Allow for better dental hygiene, during treatment, helping patients maintain healthy smiles even during their orthodontic treatment. This is because no portion of the teeth is hidden or blocked by immovable metal.
  • Give patients the opportunity to remove their braces, temporarily, during treatment. This allows patients to enjoy their meals without discomfort, or fear that food will be stuck in their braces.